This page provides easy access to LCJE Bulletins in digital format extending back to 1984, past LCJE conference papers, and recent conference statements. If you would like a printed copy of a past Bulletin, there are limited numbers of copies available upon request. Please send an email to: or write to:  LCJE, PO Box 5501, Falmouth, VA 22403 U.S.A.

LOP-67 Update (2021/2022)

After much hard work by the LOP-67 Committee, Lausanne Occasional Paper-67 on Jewish evangelism has been extensively updated. It can be viewed at the link below, which is now being shared within the greater Lausanne Movement:   Printed copies are available upon request via email to or by writing to:  LCJE International, P.O. Box 5501, Falmouth, VA 22403 U.S.A.

Lausanne Global Classroom on Jewish Evangelism

The “Lausanne Global Classroom on Jewish Evangelism” has now been released!  This is an exciting compilation of short expositions from Scripture and the sharing of testimonies of various LCJE members on the need for and importance of Jewish evangelism. The link can be found here:


The LCJE Bulletin has been published since 1984. Please also see the link for past Bulletins at the bottom of this section.

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Conference Papers

Here are papers from recent LCJE Conferences. See the link at the bottom of this section for access to legacy papers arranged by year going back to 1981.



Conference statements from the last two LCJE international conferences

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